Be Bold.
Be Confident.
Be Present.

Your customers expect a digital-first experience.  We will help you build the digital presence you deserve.

The pandemic triggered a 3-5 year pull forward of consumer behaviors. The unprecedented growth of online commerce and  shifts in brand loyalty favors the bold. Businesses with an established digital presence have seen their growth catapulted exponentially, while many unprepared businesses have been left behind. Our mission is to build a bold and confident presence for your business, and bring you to the front of the pack.

How we will partner with your business

Let’s take stock

To start things off, let’s set up a free Zoom call over some coffee. We will catalog the assets you have or don’t have. We will get to the core of what your digital presence could be, a sort of digital soul search.

Let’s develop build and design

Now it’s time to go to the workbench. We will build and design your assets across various platforms. This process is highly collaborative as we test some designs and ask for your precious feedback along the way. 

Go Live

Let’s launch your presence into the wild! We will make sure that your business get the appropriate level of exposure early to gain an early rise. We make sure to stay agile and nimble at this stage to maximize what sticks. This is where the A/B testing magic happens!

Digital Presence Care

Once your presence is active, we need to maintain it. This involves reinforcement advertising campaigns, events, promotions or content. We will adjust the volume to match your business cycles and seasonalities. Visit our products to compare our care plans and see what is the right dose for your business.


Our small and agile team has a deep skillset rooted in digital marketing and data science. We will passionately use our unique skillset and tools to build the bold digital presence your business deserves. We proudly hold certifications with market leaders such as Meta, Microsoft, Datacamp and Salesforce.  We have gained crucial experience in both large and small enterprises. Ranging from Fortune 5 companies to international consulting firms to start ups.  

Our digital presence care plans

We have plans to match your business lifecycle maturity and ambitions. We also offer À la carte services and free kick-start zoom calls.

Doing nothing is dangerous

In the modern digital era, doing nothing is dangerous. Businesses can flourish or be forgotten based on a few good or bad decisions.

Be Bold.

Be Present.

Be Confident.